12% Silver Gloves for Raynauds, Cold Hands and 95% Infrared (IR)

12% Silver Seamless Raynauds Gloves
These silver gloves with 95% Infrared (IR) performance rating reflect your natural body energy back into your fingers and hands. Extremely fine knitted, light weight with improved stretch for shape, fit and comfort; they are technically designed to keep your hands and fingers warmer and free from infections.
Silver Gloves with extra special features specifically for Raynauds and Scleroderma patients:-
Made with Soft Viscose, Wider Fingers, High Natural Silver content, Lycra for fit and comfort.
The 12% Silver thread is visable and can be found on the inside of the glove for optimal:-
Performance  /  Wound Healing  / Activation of Circulation  /  Temperature Regulation

A fantastic product if you have pains in your fingers or hands, have Digital Ulcers or receiving Chemotherapy treatment or suffering with pain from Peripheral Neuropathy 12% Silver gloves are also anti-bacterial keeping your hands clean from infections and helping to dissipate any nasty static charges
Product Developed in cooperation with the University of Leiden, Netherlands

No Batteries, Wires, or Additional Costs Required

Fully Machine Washable

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