Information on Silver Socks ®  

Silver Short and Silver Long Socks are good to fight acute skin and circulation in your feet and legs. Includes Athlete Foot, bad odours and foot perspiration but also the common problem of cold feet, which is a major problem for female patients.




12% Silver Long Socks are good for Cold Feet and Legs, and Oedema, swollen feet and leg problems that often occur after periods of extensive periods of sitting or standing, either a long haul flight or just sitting on the simple office chair or long periods of standing.

12% Silver Long Socks will also allow you to “travel safe” and help prevent DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis), also known as “Economy Syndrome”. These socks are fashionable and don’t have the look of the notorious compression or support stockings.

12% Silver Short Socks are suitable to wear for work or socially.The silver medical properties can be discovered on the inside. Silver socks help to combat foot problems not only efficient but also are very discreet.

The performance of the Silver Socks is created by using natural Silver Fibre and Soft Natural Cotton.

Therefore Silver Socks are:

  • Antimicrobial – Anti-mycotic
    The organism “Mycosis (fungus) which is responsible for Athletes Foot will spread in any humid environment and also in temperature conditions below 33° C degrees.The natural silver will eliminate within one hour 99.9% of the bacteria responsible for any bad odour. The silver in Best4Feet is anti-mycotic and eliminates the bacterial fungus.
  • Moisture Management
    Silver accelerates the evaporation of moisture so that Foot perspiration is reduced, thus creating a dryer foot climate which in return cures and prevents new infections of Athlete Foot. Blisters and swollen ankles and legs can be prevented.
  • Temperature Regulating
    Silver regulates the core body skin temperature to 37°C and therefore minimizes radiative heat loss by actively reflecting the body’s energy back to the skin. Therefore BEST4FEET with Natural Silver Fibre will keep you warm in winter and cool in the summer.
  • Improves circulation
    When electrical currents from the skin are connected with the natural silver a passive magnetic field is created around the body. This has the effect of increasing the blood circulation giving an overall feeling of well being, comfort and freshness. This results in a reduction in the feeling of “Heavy Legs” and Oedema.
  • Antistatic and ESD-safe
    Silver has the highest electrical conductivity rating therefore the phenomenon called static discharge can be extremely efficiently dissipated resulting in static free product and ESD safe socks.

The Silver Fiber® is:

  • 100% natural, free of any harmful toxic substance, chemical products or pesticides.
  • The performance of silver fibre has been tested on a scientific level in USA, JAPAN and Europe
  • Silver fibre is an approved antimicrobial agent and registered with the US-EPA (Environmental protection agency)
  • The FDA states in one of their studies: “…silver therapy has proven to be efficient in the treatment of Athlete Foot and foot odour.”