Silver Socks for Deep Vein Thrombosis

silver travel compression socks12% Silver Long Socks: – help to prevent DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) when sitting for long periods at the office or home or travelling either by plane, car, bus, train.

12% Silver Long Socks are temperature adjusting keeping the skin to a core of 37°c and will therefore keep the feet cool and fresh in the summer and warm in the winter.




  • 12% Silver Long Socks: – contain silver pure fibre which helps connect the medical characteristics of natural silver and the clinical effect of passive magnetic therapy.
  • If you are planning or need to make regular long journeys where you are sitting for long periods then these 12% silver socks are the products for you. Silver is highly conductive and is able to take the electrical pulses of the leg nerves and convert this into a passive magnetic field which increase’s the blood circulation in the leg, this reduces any swelling, thrombosis and cramped veins can be prevented.
  • Because natural silver can increase the circulation and keep the skin at a constant temperature the normal high compression effect of normal DVT socks is not required. The properties of the 12% Silver Long Socks make them extremely comfortable to wear. They will help to prevent DVT on unhealthy legs but will also help to minimise any threat of thrombosis on healthy legs.

Diabetic and Varicose Vein Conditions

  • 12% Silver Long Socks are fantastic for those who suffer with either Diabetes or Varicose Veins they have special technical soft tops and a compression effect of only 3 – 4 mmHg which is created by the silver threads.
    We do not use any elastane or rubber threads in the sock and therefore there is no compression effect on the legs and feet.
  • Anybody suffering with either diabetes or bad varicose veins is recommended not to use conventional compression DVT socks on thin diabetic skin or swollen varicose veins.
  • 12% Silver Long Socks: – are totally pollutant-free, produced under OEKOTEX 100 and are an EU Medical class 1 product with CE mark. The medical and security effects described have been proven by many different International institutions around the world. The Silver Fibre is 100% natural, scientifically tested and certified.
  • 12% Silver Long Socks: – are available in a range of sizes but only in black.
  • The socks are fully machine washable at 40º C without any loss of performance or medical efficiency.
  • These 12% Silver Long Socks can be purchased by clicking here:-