Perspiration and Foot Odour can be bad but our Silver Socks can help naturally
Perspiration can be a most embarrassing matter because of the unpleasant smell and odour from your feet and then it contaminates your shoes and that is more difficult to remove. Perspiration can be a pre-disposition and it is difficult to get rid of the problem. You can manage and prevent the odour issues with socks containing pure silver thread on the inside. Foot warmth is being continually transferred by evaporation this changes liquid into a gas. When the foot cannot dissipate enough warmth conduction or convection, it will use evaporation, the result of which is sweat.
Sweat is active in both warm and cold weather, depending on your activity levels.

In order to remain comfortable, the moisture generated by the feet must be transported efficiently away from the skin. Silver enhances the natural movement of this moisture through hydrophobic materials the same way the body does by using evaporation.
Silver when in a moist environment with other hydrophobic material.

Conductivity of the silver will act to accelerate the evaporation by transporting moisture away from the foot faster. This allows for a more comfortable shoe environment and less potential for heat loss, this also allows for increased comfort in warm weather by minimizing moisture contact with the skin.
Reasons to fight and end your suffering with Athlete’s Foot

More than 22% of the population suffers from athlete’s foot! And there seems to be no end to the problem.
Athletes foot fungus can be found everywhere: in the hotel room carpet, the fitness club changing room, in the sauna, and very especially walking round public swimming pools.
All sorts of people from all walks of life can suffer from fungus, sweat and bad odors:
Industrial workers, office workers, farmers, marathon runners as well as football players,
soldiers and many more.
The main reason: sitting, walking and running in sweaty boots or bad ventilated shoes.
Surrounded with heat, the athletes foot bacteria develops and then starts to produce nasty smells now the fungus has found an ideal place to grow.

bad foot odour silver socks

Athlete’s foot has affected humans for centuries.
For the last 50 years the fungus has distributed its self throughout the population.

Don’t Fight athlete’s foot with creams, sprays or steroids which cost money
Tablets and pills have to be swallowed; cream and sprays have to be applied.
Hours each week can be spent in an effort to fight this problem.
Silver Socks with pure natural silver is the new comfortable and high technology method to fight athlete’s foot
Wear our Silver Socks, you will get rid of any bad foot or shoe odour!
Thanks to the temperature regulation and acceleration of moisture pure silver removes the base environment that the athlete foot bacteria requires to live