astec self warming insoles

Astec Self Warming Insole

The natural warming effect is achieved by a unique patented material within the insole that releases the bodies energy back as heat. The warming process technology requires no external power source, batteries, wires or motion. Energy is emitted in the form of ‘Infrared’, which is beneficial to our human health and helps create a gentle warming to the soles of your feet

No Batteries, Wire or Power Required

Astec self warming insoles

Astec Thermal Image

This unique Insole utilises natural energy sources to remarkable effect:-
A range of activities become transformed with these insoles: Walking | Skiing | Golfing | Cycling | Fishing | Motor-Cycling | Construction Industry | Medical Industry Warming effect is achieved by a unique, patented fleece material within the insole that harvests the body’s energy and releases it back as heat. The process requires no external power source or motion. Energy is emitted in the form of ‘Far’ Infra-Red Waves, which are beneficial to human health and help create a gentle warming effect to the soles of your feet. Key Benefits Include: Range of Different Sizes | Thin & Unobtrusive | Natural & Immediate Heat Generation | Incredibly Lightweight | No External Power Required | No Batteries | No Cables | Robust & Durable | Unique to Market Feeling is Believing with the AstecInsole.

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