Candida Albicans is one of the most common bacteria and it affects over 50% of adults in some form or other. With those who suffer from reduced immunity the bacteria converts to pathogenic germs. Usually the main problems are around mucous membranes such as the skin between fingers and toes, and any damp within skin folds. The skin can turn to a strong red itchy patch and eventually gets sore.
Any damp sweaty environment favours such infections of the skin. Silver fibre will destroyed 99.9% of Candida Albicans after only a few hours contact with the skin (Test Tokai University) Silver gloves are a natural alternative for eliminating any bacterial infection.

Pure and Natural silver is one of the oldest medical products known to Man kind.
The use of silver for medical and therapeutic benefits dates back thousands of years. The Romans were the first to publish and document the healing powers of Silver. In modern medicine today Natural Silver is used for its broad spectrum antimicrobial properties in a range of healthcare products  from bandages to burn care treatments to catheters almost any medical product where acute infection control is critical.
Silver is widely recognised as a safe and extremely effective broad-spectrum anti-microbial agent for skin infection and control. This has been validated by prodigious institutions throughout the world and has been the focus of numerous medical abstracts published over many years. Silver provides unparalleled antibacterial performance eliminating 99.9% of bacteria in less than one hour of exposure.
All our products are made with pure silver fibre which is safe and natural, completely non-toxic and 100% free of all hazardous substances, we do not use any chemicals and pesticides.