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    12% Silver Seamless Raynauds Gloves These silver gloves with 95% Infrared (IR) performance rating reflect your natural body energy back ...
  • Keep Yourself Warm

    PACK with a FOOT INSOLE and 12% SILVER SHORT or 12% Silver LONG SOCKS The perfect solution for cold feet ...
    Foot Insulation
  • Keeping Warm Hands Outside

    If you constantly have Cold Hands and Fingers, suffering from Raynaud’s, currently having Chemotherapy Treatment or Suffering from Diabetes. These ...
    Life Style
  • Keeping your Hiking Toes Warm

    9% Silver Thick Long Trekking Sock with Cushioning throughout they are Shaped to the Leg and Foot can be used ...
    Life Style
  • 8% Silver Gloves 2 Pair Pack

    SMART PHONE Friendly Silver Gloves Recommended for Raynauds Disease, keeping your hands warmer, Chemotherapy and Peripheral Neuropathy, Antimicrobial, good for ...
    Warm Hands
  • Frosty Mornings

    Previewed on Breakfast TV Best4Feet Silver Socks contain pure silver which is only knitted on the inside of the sock ...
    Life Style