MRSA– Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus

LATEST NEWS – Campaigners and politicians are calling for screen testing as tens of thousands of people unknowingly carry the deadly MRSAinto hospitals. This has lead to calls for the government to urgently consider implementing comprehensive screening strategies to be practiced before visitors or patients are allowed to enter hospital .Only limited data and figures are currently collected by the UK Government and the NHS Hospital Trusts on reporting the wider and broader context of the MRSA infections rates. The general attitude of both public and patient confidence is fragile.
Many healthy people are already unknowingly prevalent carriers of the MRSA bacteria on the skin and consequently they pose a huge risk to other people particularly those who are already suffering with open wounds, illness and especially if it enters the blood stream it could have potential fatal results.
According to the latest Health Correspondent Press Release there are at least100,000 people admitted to hospital each year who unknowingly are carrying the MRSA. The broader data on the potential carriers by visitors to hospitals is unknown. On a broader issue with any screening procedures being practiced these figures are expected to substantially increase higher.


Silver is a natural treatment and deterrent to clean the skin from the general bacteria Staphylococcus Aureus which includes MRSA. Independent tests in the USA and Japan for ensuring medical safety and compliance shows that the bacterial organism count can be reduced in only four hours by 99.94% without any further medication being applied to the skin. Silver fibre removes the MRSA bacteria by preventing it from breathing, thus inhibiting the growth and reproduction of the bacteria, demonstrating the antibacterial protection toward new and established MRSA bacterial colonies.
Protect yourself, family, friends or others from becoming a government statistic, you can continually cleanse and protect your own skin and body from this very nasty bacterium by wearing our Silver socks, gloves and underwear.