Healthcare & Healing for foot and leg – General Silver Information

Silver Socks, Gloves and Underwear.
The Textile Fiber has a layer of pure natural silver permanently bonded to the outside surface. The process is such that the fiber, with its silver layer still retains traditional textile and tactile characteristics but has all of the benefits known to be inherent in pure silver.

The use of silver for its medical and therapeutic benefits dates back thousands of years. In fact, the Romans were the first to publish and document the “magical healing” powers of silver when used to cover wounds. Further, Cyrus the Great, in the 5th century BC, would only let his troops go to war if they carried water in silver vessels something he knew would keep the water supply clean and safe. It is somewhat humbling to know that a Persian King first touted the benefits of the active ingredient used in the silver fibre.

Silver has been used primarily as an industrial and medical product for the last decade, servicing high-tech industries and the Department of Defence. More recently, however more recently it has been thrust more into consumer product markets as a result of the need for a safer and effective antimicrobial solution.