Silver-Butler the Hygienic Silver Antiseptic Wipe

The Professional hygienic pocket size antiseptic hand wipe either for the home, at work or when travelling
The “Silver-Butler” is a dry wipe made from ultra-fine silk tissue which is then coated both sides with 100% natural silver. It can easily fit into your handbag, coat or trouser pocket. A premium quality antiseptic wipe with an extra soft feel to provide exceptional performance.
We would recommend that you should definitely carry at least one of these silver wipes you will rate it 10/10 as you never know when you might need to use it.
 Silver Butler Antiseptic Wipes are convenient and easy to use and the product contains no chemicals. It enables instant natural hygienic antiseptic hand cleaning wherever you are or whatever you are doing and especially when there is no wash basin, running water or soap facilities. It can help to prevent the direct use of disinfectant hand creams or chemical soaps which can cause damage to tender skin
The “Silver-Butler” can help to give a fast easing of sunburn and minor degree burns. This is thanks to the temperature control properties of the natural silver where its cooling effect can transport excessive heat away from the skin
The 100% natural silver coating gives fast hygienic antiseptic cleaning which is especially important when travelling or when required for applying first aid to minor wounds. The antibacterial property of natural silver helps to avoid infections and helps promote faster wound healing

  • The wipe can be used on an open sore or cut to clean the wound and it won’t sting.
  • It will keep away bacteria and infection keeping the wound clean promoting faster healing.
  • Use the silver wipe for easy “Dry Cleaning” for any fruit and vegetables
  • Perfectly sized for addition to travel bags or refilling first aid kits

Unlike conventional wet wipes natural silver will perform 100% naturally with one of the world’s oldest medical products the silver is completely natural, non-toxic and free of chemicals or any pesticides. Silver is a natural proven medical product, free from any hazardous substances tested to OEKOTEX 100 standard.
 Anti-Static Surface Wipe
Keep your smart phone or pad ultra clean with this natural silver general purpose anti-static surface dry wipe.
Multi-screen use – soft and safe on coated glass and TFT or LCD screens
Dry, alcohol free, non-smear product
Antistatic properties reduce build-up of dust
ESD Safety – the natural silver is tested under DIN EN 61340-5-1 and can be used in electrostatic protected areas.
Multi-screen use – safe on coated glass and TFT or LCD screens
Alcohol free, non-smear formulation
The silver is 100% natural and certified, totally pollutant free, scientifically tested and Oekotex 100 and CE approved.
The Silver-Butler is Safe for Electrostatic (ESD) and Electromagnetic (EMI)
System-level electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection has become very important in today’s world as devices become portable, contain multiple interface connectors, have touchscreens, and are continually exposed to the external world. It only takes one ESD strike to permanently damage a product, making ESD protection a critical component of system design. Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is another challenge often faced in system design. EMI is a radio frequency (RF) (800 MHz to 2 GHz) disturbance that affects an electrical circuit due to electromagnetic conduction from any external source.

The wipe comes in a light foldable 29cm x 29cm square, is self-sanitising will keep fresh and is easy to carry around.
It can be washed over 250 times and re-used without any loss of performance.
Washable at 30°
Smooth to Shape
Flat dry