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Recommended by Raynaud’s & Scleroderma Association
Raynaud’s is a distressing condition in which the blood is temporarily prevented from reaching the fingers and toes. In its most severe form it is very painful, and in secondary Raynaud’s ulcerations may occur which could become gangrenous and lead to amputation. Scleroderma is a disease affecting the connective tissue. Scleroderma means hard skin but the hardness is not limited to the skin because the internal organs and their blood supply may become damaged. The cause is still unknown and treatment is inadequate.
A Raynaud’s attack is where the blood flow to the tissue extremities is interrupted, primarily affecting mainly the fingers, toes and feet. The stimulus is usually cold conditions or any slight change in temperature or even your own stress levels, the condition can be extremely painful. The attack may show as changes in skin tone colour becoming white or shades of blue particularly when exposed to cold temperatures. The duration of the attack can vary from short to long periods and from being painless to throbbing, numbness and tingling pain.

Peripheral Neuropathy – Silver Fingerless Gloves can Help
The incidence of Peripheral Neuropathy is not known with any degree of certainty but the symptoms are unique to each individual in terms of frequency and severity of pain which can have a significantly impact on an individual’s quality of daily life. Peripheral Neuropathy to the hands and fingers can be caused by a variety of precipitating factors including Chemotherapy Treatment, Diabetes and Infections where the pain of nerve damage and finger ulcers can affect both genders of all ages.
Additional Benefits
Atopic Dermatitis, using silver will eased the sufferings of this nasty skin disease. The vicious circle of itching and scratching can be eased and new infections eliminated. Eczema which appears with using or wearing rubber gloves can be prevented and treated.


Industrial or Occupational Health
Reduce the risk of infection and eczema whenever the use of protective safety gloves, acid proof gloves, rubber gloves or latex gloves have to be worn.
ESD Safety – these silver gloves are tested under DIN EN 61340-5-1 and can be used in electrostatic protected areas. The gloves are totally pollutant free, scientifically tested and Oekotex 100 and CE approved.
The medical and security effects described have been proven by many International institutions around the world.
The silver fibre is 100% natural and certified.