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This is a very distressing hand condition where blood is prevented from reaching the hands and fingers and in many instances also the toes. In its most severe form it is very painful and ulcerations can occur which may become gangrenous and lead to amputation. If your fingers change colour and go from pink to shades of blue or white then you may be suffering from Raynaud’s or Scleroderma Disease.
A Raynaud’s attack is where the blood flow to the tissue extremities is interrupted, primarily affecting mainly the hands, fingers, but also the toes and feet. The stimulus is usually cold conditions or any slight change in temperature or even your own stress levels, the condition can be extremely painful.
The attack may show as changes in skin tone becoming white or shades of blue particularly when exposed to cold temperatures. The duration of the attack can vary from short to long periods and from being painless to throbbing, numbness and tingling pain.
Having chilblains does not necessarily mean that you have Raynaud’s
but some people with Raynaud’s do develop chilblains. This can cause problems with cold feet and walking. A chilblain is a condition which results from defective blood circulation again on exposure to cold. This can cause localized swelling and inflammation with severe itching and burning sensations. The skin becomes itchy then red swollen and tender to touch.Some occupational industrial areas are also a natural hazard for this disease such as the chronic vibrations when working with equipment such as a pneumatic hammer, power saw or a percussion drill leading to the distressing “White Finger” syndrome.
Silver has the highest reflectivity rating of any metal element at 95% of radiative energy.
With a 95% Far-Infrared (IR) reflectivity rating which gives you “Inner Energy” providing naturally occurring thermo energy creating gently deep warmth that invigorates the fingers and hands. The silver is directed to the skin, there are therefore improved heat retaining properties and this has been identified in recent consumer wear trials

 Gloves containing pure silver fibre technology can therefore be significantly warmer with added comfort in cold conditions. Silver Gloves can also substantially energize and improve the blood circulation by using the 8% Silver Gloves & Fingerlesselectrical currents from the bodies skin nerve ends which allows the natural silver to create a passive magnetic field around the hand giving increased activity to the blood circulation with an overall feeling of extra comfort.
Silver Gloves are very durable and suitable for everyday use
. They can be washed at 40° C with similar colours, smoothed to shape and flat dried without any loss of overall performance or medical benefit. All these products are manufactured using pure natural silver fibre which is safe, completely non-toxic and 100% free of all hazardous substances, there are no chemicals or pesticides.
Silver Gloves
make it possible to get along without special “hand warmers” or expensive batteries that need to be replace or recharged Have you still got questions?




Q: What was the first drug you ever received
A: Silver
– silver nitrate eye drops are given to babies at birth to prevent infection
:If you were to severely burn yourself anywhere in the world what would the doctor use to treat you
A: Silver cream which is used to prevent infection
: What is the most thermal conductive element
A: Silver
:What has the highest thermal infrared (IR) rating
A: Silver
: What is the most effective electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding element
A: Silver

Should I be nervous about using Natural Silver?
Yes, if it is not Natural Silver Fibre.
The Natural Silver Fibre is not like other antimicrobial products.
First, the Natural Silver Fibre is natural and there is no fear of toxicity.
Second, the Natural Silver Fibre has all of the requisite regulatory approvals.
Third, the Natural Silver Fibre is not just an antimicrobial.
It happens to be the best antimicrobial product, but it also has many other valuable attributes.