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  /  Sweaty Hands

More than 30% of Europeans are suffering from the problem of sweaty hands.
This can be a most unpleasant and embarrassing matter particularly when visiting your doctor, in the sports club changing room, when at work or in the office, or when out dating.

Hand perspiration is a pre-disposition and it is difficult to get rid of the problem. But you can manage and prevent the odor issues with comfort gloves containing natural silver:

Your hand sweat is being continually transferred by moisture evaporation, the change of a liquid into a gas. This is when the body cannot dissipate enough heat through conduction or convection, it will then use evaporation, which results in skin smells and sweat. Evaporation is active in both warm and cold weather depending on the body activity levels. In order to feel comfortable, the moisture generated by the body must be transported efficiently away from the skin.

Natural Silver Fibre Enhances the natural movement of moisture from the skin by hydrophobic technology the same way the body does by using evaporation. When silver is in a moist environment with another hydrophobic material, the silver will act to accelerate the evaporation by transporting the moisture away from the skin.

Natural Silver Fibre gloves will transport moisture away from the hand and fingers faster, allowing for a more comfortable hand environment and less potential for heat loss in cold conditions.
This also allows for increased comfort in warm weather by minimizing moisture contact with the skin.

In other words: Hand Perspiration and Sweat is reduced!
There are many other recipes to treat hand odor and sweat:
Bathing the in tomato juice.
Sprays and powders.
Abstinence of coffee.
Regular visits to the sauna.

Please try all these methods. If you are successful: congratulations.
But take into account the cost of time of all these measures with our Silver Gloves you can manage the problem of sweat hands discretely.