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…stay relaxed!!
Dermatitis Performance – Silver is the ideal product for protecting your body from extremely harmful skin infections either in hospital or at home.
Clinically proven to eliminate 99.99% of 800 known micro bacteria in less than one hour of use.
Silver is a natural antimicrobial and can help to stop the vicious circle of itching and scratching which as a consequence helps any Dermatis patients to stay more calm and relaxed.

House Dust Mite Allergy Performance: silver ions can penetrate into the mite’s metabolic system and immobilize it, thanks to their electric charge, so finally they die.
Tests by T.E.C. Laboratoire, Anglet, France, shows that Silver can REDUCED the dust mite population by 94%.

Silver Performance – No risk and No side effects
Whilst most anti-microbial products are tested over 24 hours silver clothing can eliminate 99.9% of tested bacteria in less than one hour of exposure. Clinical tests reveal that natural silver has been proven to eliminate 99.99% of more than 800 known micro organisms including MRSA and VMRSA within less than an hour of exposure. Thus natural silver gloves and socks in conjunction with regular washing and appropriate laundering has been designed to continue to give 100% effective protection.
Silver Clothing  – does require washing and should not be considered either as a replacement or an alternative to normal good hygiene practices.
Natural Silver will however provide the highest optimum level of due diligence currently available against the proliferation of many disease causing bacteria on the skin.
The Silver thread will last for the life of the product, only pure silver fibre is used which is permanently and irreversibly bonded to the surface fibre and has been tested for over 250 washes without any loss or compromising of medical performance.
Regulation – Silver fibre is a registered product with the EPA and has more than 20 years of published clinical research supporting its safety and claims.
Pure Silver
The active ingredient in FDA and CE approved products for advanced healthcare has undergone extensive safety testing. Silver is also a registered antimicrobial agent with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Wash after wash, silver garments will maintain its premier performance for the life of the product.
Silver is also being used for Class 1 and Class 2 FDA approved medical devices. The top medical institutions in the world, including Johnson and Johnson, Johns Hopkins and the National Institute of Health, have tested, approved and provide silver healthcare products.
Staying Safe
Certain garments, plasters and bandages are made using silver technology fabrics these are scientifically engineered for using  within the healthcare sector to combat the spread of Health Care Acquired Infections. The silver element kills 99.9% of bacteria within one hour. There are no reported cases of allergenic reaction to Natural Silver.
The antimicrobial effect is inherent and active for the life of the product and the medical performance is not reduced by repeated washing.
CLINICAL STUDY: Natural Silver
Clinical trials on the use of Pure Silver thread shows that it can reduce the risk of MRSA
In a study of patients using “Natural Silver Fabric” 67% were eradicated from MRSA whilst those in the control group of patients using normal fabric the result was 0% eradication from MRSA and these therefore were the most at risk group of patients…

No risks – No side effects