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Product Washing and Care

Silver technology utilizes a layer of pure silver fibre which is permanently and irreversibly bonded to the surface fibre and has been tested for 250 washes without any loss or compromising of medical performance.
products are both comfortable to wear and enhanced by the smooth internal integrated seams.
These products are durable and suitable for everyday wear.
All our silver gloves and silver socks products can be washed at 40°C with similar colours, smoothed to shape
and should be flat dried. The overall garment appearance and shape will remain intact after washing.
These natural silver products
have for many years been used for medical purposes in Dermatology, Podiatry, Occupational and Travel Health Care.These products are recommended by Occupational Doctors, Dermatologists, Podiatrists and Pharmacists.
For more information please email: onlinesales@silvergloves.co.uk