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Silver Fibre Test results & Published Articles

Clinical Research on Silver is an approved antimicrobial agent and is registered with the American EPA. (Environmental Protection Agency)
Silver fibre is used in many FDA approved products, ranging from simple clinical plasters and bandages to Class II medical devices used in corneal transplants.

Pennsylvania State University, ©1987
Silver-Coated Nylon Fiber as an Antibacterial Agent
Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy
American Society of Microbiology
Published and peer reviewed study definitively proved the antibacterial properties of Silver Fibre. This analysis also verified that an extract derived from the fiber was bactericidal. This attribute explains the disinfecting quality witnessed by the wearing of hosiery containing Silver Fibre. Of particular interest, the efficacy of the Silver Fibre was demonstrated to be more bactericidal than silver nitrate.
Pennsylvania State University, ©1987
Effect of Silver Coated Thread on the Microbial Population of Shoes
Interest in the project developed from previous studies found that silver coated thread was remarkably inhibitory to the growth of and  reproduction of several human pathogenic bacteria. Obviously, the presence of silver in the right shoe when compared to the left shoe of all the volunteers greatly diminished the total count of microorganisms and their associated odors.”
Cornell University, ©1987
Newly Made Antibacterial Braided Sutures: In Vitro and In Vivo Biocompatibility Study
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research
This published and peer reviewed study demonstrates antibacterial properties toward new and established bacterial colonies. Additionally, the biocompatibility data suggested that the Silver fiber when implanted into gluteus muscle caused less of an inflammatory reaction than that of ordinary nylon. This study reaffirms the intrinsic safety of Silver.
New York University, September 7th, 1997
Independent Third Party Testing
Dr. Philip Tierno
This study utilized the traditional Kirby-Bauer method for determination of antimicrobial efficacy. The results confirm not only the excellent performance of Silver Fibre as an antimicrobial agent but also show that the fabric tested was effective in killing MULTI-DRUG resistant bacteria. The testing confirms that Silver fibre is a viable and cost effective mechanism to address the growing problem of antibiotic resistant microbes.
Independent Third Party Testing
United States
NAMSA is one of the most well respected independent laboratories in the United States, it is both EPA and FDA certified. These numerous tests verify the exceptional performance of Silver. Of note in these studies is that they indicate that Silver Fibre is a broad-spectrum antibacterial agent. NAMSA testing also indicates the exceptional performance of Silver Fibre as an anti-fungal; specifically against the organism Mycosis the fungus which causes Athletes Foot.
Tokai University, May 1997
Independent Third Party Testing
Dr. Seiki Tazume and Dr. Takahiko Yoshida
This study conducted in Japan demonstrated in a real world setting, consisting of 20 volunteers, that Silver Fibre demonstrated an excellent reduction in bacterial and fungal counts. These results coincide with the rapid development of the Japanese hosiery market. Silver is widely recognized in Japan as the most effective antimicrobial alternative. Silver fibre is approved by the Ministry of Health in Japan as an antimicrobial agent and exceeds the industry minimum standards of performance.