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  /  Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are one cause of Thrombosis, Oedema, Swollen Legs and Ankles
You may also suffer problems of Oedema with swollen legs and ankles.
Varicose veins are a wide-spread problem from with one in two women and one in three men suffering.
This problem does not only affect older people but according to the recent studies younger people already have the problem of weak varicose veins and this should be taken seriously.
These issues are not only a cosmetic problem, but are also a danger to health. From an apparently harmless vein weakness or varicose vein simple crossed leg could start a life-threatening thrombosis to develop.
Leg Veins Functioning:
The leg veins carry our blood every second of our daily life, blood must be induced against the force of gravity back to the heart. The muscle movements both in the calf and general leg exert the necessary pressure in order to support this flow of blood to the heart. But that alone is not sufficient, the return flow valves which can be found at a regular distance in the legs can prevent the return flow of blood.
If the vein dilates and expands, the blood return valve cannot close and work correctly. The flow of blood is interrupted, the vein is stretched and a weak or varicose vein could develop.
If the superficial, visible blood flow system is affected by weak veins
, one speaks of primary varicose. The so-called secondary varicose is more dangerous here also the deep vein system is being affected.The problem with this issue is that one vein thickens and expands causing a master weak vein, which could be along whole leg length; outwardly this may not be noticed until it is too late. By then, when the varicose is observed the vein could have swollen to finger thickness and also be coiled and twisted with possible dangerous consequences.
A life-threatening complication in the weak veins is when the blood coagulates creating a blood clot thrombosis which blocks the vein.
While the blood clot is forming, one may not have any feeling, only later does this arise leading to swelling, tension and pain. The leg can discolour and feel hot. When the first signs are felt a physician should be consulted immediately. If the blood clot separates, it can be moved by the normal body functions into both the heart and the lungs, where it can lead to a pulmonary embolism.
A thrombosis can arise
if you are sitting for long periods of time for example in a car, bus, truck, or plane with either crossed legs or where the legs have no room for exercise or movement in order to allow the blood to circulate freely. The danger is actual getting ill during long range travelling; therefore one should never keep the feet and legs still, but to keep them both moving regularly especially the toes.
Help for preventing the on-set of weak and swollen vein problems where it may not always be possible in the circumstances to get the type of exercise and leg movement which will help increase blood circulation.
The general recommendation has usually been wearing compression socks which also then apply pressure to unaffected leg areas that have good veins and blood flow rate compression and pressure on the leg is then exerted from the outside.
The use of conventional compression socks and with the addition of exercise can be uncomfortable and give an unpleasant feeling and can still develop pressure and restrictions. Where the veins are damaged and the blood return valves are not working effectively, venous congestions could be avoided by NOT using conventional compression socks.
12% Long Silver Socks

Help to end these blood circulation and medical problems by not applying excessive pressure to the legs.
This is achieved by utilising flexible textile yarn technology and separating the cotton and silver in the sock and therefore using the silver high electrical conductivity next to the skin.
The human body is equipped with many thousands of nerve strands, which end at the surface of the skin. The inside of the foot has 7,000 nerve connections and the body uses these nerves in order to release different electrical signals to the brain, for example pain, stress and comfort.
Silver is the natural material with the highest conductivity, the 12% Silver Long Socks collect these electrical charges from the surface of the skin and redistributes the charges to substantially reduce the feeling of heavy legs and discomfort.
The same principles apply to long periods of sitting or standing in your everyday occupation and lifestyle, 12% silver long socks may look like a conventional everyday sock but they can provide both therapeutic and medical benefits and still be very fashionable to wear.